Emergency Care for Robert Dillon: Letter Sending Invite and Directions

Pacific Northwest Family Circle is working on behalf of Family Member Mary Barbee (Cousin of 29-year-old Loved One Wesley Allen Barbee and Mother of Melvin Lewis Dillon (who was almost killed by police)). Her two sons, Melvin Dillon and Robert Dillon, are incarcerated in Nevada. They’ve been awaiting trial in federal court there since May 2019 with no bail options.

A dressed up woman who is Black/African-American stares into the camera with determination.
Mary Barbee, Mother of Melvin and Robert Dillon

We’ve had many rounds of letter-writing campaigns for them, either asking for home confinement to protect them against COVID-19 (which they both contracted) and/or asking for health care for Robert.

This one is just for Robert. He has been bleeding internally since December of last year, with inadequate and very slow health care. He’s had two procedures by a doctor, but neither of them were successful (even though this procedure was successful out of prison in the past). This doctor was recently fired!

Robert has recently worsened. He is now bleeding profusely, but the US Marshal’s won’t sign the paperwork to take him to the emergency room. It’s been like this for 2 weeks. Recently, Robert developed unbearable stomach pain.

He and his Brother Melvin have been organizing inside, while we support from the outside. Please help us secure health care for Robert by sending a few emails. Melvin’s emails sent to Gary Jefferson in December are at the bottom of the instructions.

Thank you for considering this request. If you have trouble with anything, don’t hesitate to contact us! info at pnwfamilycircle dot org

PRO TIP for some privacy: I have a “junk” email I use for actions like this one. Also, when a phone number is required, I enter a phone number that is one digit off from my actual phone number to make it look like a typo.



Carbon copies let others with power to help know what’s going on. It also alerts the primary receiver of the letter that this is not an isolated letter that no one else knows about. That’s what the little “cc:” with names at the bottom of the original letter is. 

  • Type in your name below “Sincerely,”. ” Do this for both letters here (the cover letter and the cc:d letter)

    Optional, add an organizational affiliation. If you want, you can use “Pacific Northwest Family Circle, Supporter”
  • Now copy the signed version of this letter. If you don’t copy anything else, you can paste this into all of the carbon copies, one at a time. If you copy other things, this email will be handy to come back to and copy the letter and signature from.

#2 Send a letter to Robert’s Attorney

  • Paste the signed letter into an email.
  • Make this the subject line: ATTN: Support for Robert Dillon
  • Send the email to rick@wmllawlv.com

#3 Send a letter to the WARDEN

In the “Facility” box, type: Nevada Southern Detention Center

  • In the pulldown menu of “Core Civic Department”, choose “Operations (including inmate/resident issues)”
  • In the “Message” box type:
    ATTN: Warden
  • If you haven’t copied anything else, you should still be able to paste the letter you copied above into the “Message” box. If not, go copy it again.
  • Hit the “Submit” button.

#4 Send a letter to US MARSHAL GARY SHOFIELD (US Marshal Gary Jefferson’s boss)

  • Paste the signed letter into an email.
  • Make this the subject line:
    ATTN: US Marshal Gary Shofield
  • Send the email to us.marshals@usdoj.gov

Melvin’s Dec 2020 Emails to US Marshal Gary Jefferson