Emergency Care for Robert Dillon: Carbon Copies

I respectfully request that you review the letter I just sent to US Marshal Gary Jefferson, which is below. Then please take whatever actions are available to ensure that Robert Dillon receives the care he needs before he bleeds to death waiting for a court date. Work with U.S. Marshal Gary Jefferson and other staff in the Nevada Southern Detention Center.



Re: Emergency Care Action Needed for Robert John Dillon (Inmate Number 55496048)

Dear U.S. Marshal Gary Jefferson,

I am very concerned for Robert John Dillon (Inmate Number 55496048), incarcerated at the Southern Nevada Detention Center. As you know, he’s bled internally since December 2019. Although he’s received two procedures while awaiting trial, neither of them have worked. The doctor who did these procedures was recently fired.

In early December 2020, Robert’s bleeding increased significantly. A corrections officer witnessed him losing quite a lot of blood and recommended that he be taken to the emergency room, but that has yet to happen. Also, Robert has a doctor’s order for a colonoscopy to determine whether he has cancer, which also has not been followed up on.

On December 15th, we learned through Robert’s Mother Mary Barbee that he is now experiencing an unbearable amount of pain.

The paperwork has been completed and only needs to be signed by you. Robert is more than willing to receive treatment in an emergency room and a colonoscopy.

Robert awaits trial to determine his guilt or innocence. Please don’t shortcut the justice system by letting him die before he can go to trial.

I respectfully request that you take whatever means are necessary to get Robert Dillon to the emergency room as soon as possible. After that, ensure that Mr. Dillon receives the follow-up care he needs for that and the colonoscopy in a timely and meaningful way.


Richard Wright, Esq.
US Marshal Gary Shofield
Warden, Nevada Southern Detention Center