Tips for Hanging Poster Boards

Tips for Hanging Poster Boards!


  • Check your state and local laws. If you did get in trouble, it would likely be a fine and/or community service for a civil, not criminal, offense.


  • For the best results, hang them where other posters are already up.
  • Ask permission when hanging them on private property.
  • Hang posters:
    • on public property, but not on government-owned buildings or property such as the post office or city hall. Your best bet is a utility pole.
    • at least 20 feet (about 10-15 steps) from an intersection.
    • so they don’t block the views of anyone trying to get out a mid-block driveway.
    • on a busy road, along event routes, or near college campuses.


  • Pair up. One person hangs. One person watches.
  • Use duct tape or a heavy duty staple gun.
  • Police and others usually take the signs down in less than a day.


  • If you want people in cars to read your signs, post very short messages or put just a few words on separate posters and hang them at least 10 feet apart.
  • Make it personal if you want and tell your story. People are moved to action by their hearts. Statistics are less useful in inspiring people to oppose police violence.

Hanging posters is at your own risk. Pacific Northwest Family Circle and Mothers For Justice are not responsible for any consequences associated with this campaign.