Feet to Fire Campaign

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As part of the national Feet to Fire Campaign started by P.O.S.T. Protect Our Stolen Treasures out of Detroit, MI, Pacific Northwest Family Circle holds a monthly peaceful protest outside one of the county courthouses in Oregon for our Loved Ones lost and all Stolen Lives. Join us in holding the District Attorneys accountable for protecting us against police violence.

Feet to Fire Demands

We the people issue our demands for justice.

Transparency-- From the reports, investigations, decisions, or charges. Also Keeping the Family informed. All/any inner departmental decision or actions should be made public.

Accountability-- We want the Prosecutors to take Responsibility for the investigation & reports, addressing them in a timely manner.
Closely itemize and monitor Chain of Evidence & Reports.

No more accepting excuses of malfunctioning equipment, i.e. Body Cams and Vehicle cameras.

Nationwide Database for Police Officers, with a nationwide background check, including psychological exam on all officer, and a waiting period for all out of state hires. 《To insure all reports and reviews from the former state and department have been received and reviewed.》

Yearly, random test and checks should be included with certification in shooting and procedures.

Revoke the 'Peace Officer License ' for:
1. Repeated offenses of excessive force.
2. Repeated use of deadly force as a first defense.
3. Questionable behaviors mental or physical resulting in disciplinary action.
4. Forced retirement or resignation under questionable circumstance involving, drugs, sex, use of a weapon (gun, tasker, baton, pepper spray).
5. Proven Racial discrimination against others resulting in a abuse Under The Color of Authority.